Created in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

This website was made possible by a 2014 SSHRC-funded project called “Interactions Across Boundaries: Social Segregation in Multiethnic Urban Communities”. Given that SSHRC is publically funded, we felt it necessary to make our results publically available as well. We are grateful to Google for including us in the Public Data Program and for providing free GIS hosting.

Welcome to Socioscapes

Socioscapes is a visual catalogue of the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area. Here you will find information about Toronto’s many communities, their diverse populations, and the means to compare different parts of the city. Socioscapes will help you to better visualize your own corner of Toronto, to explore other neighbourhoods, and to produce maps and datasets for your own projects. Our aim is to provide free tools with which Torontonians can study the city, make meaningful comparisons, and engage in public research.